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Private Lessons -

One on one instruction gives you a level of detail and guidance not available from group classes. Utilize your private lessons to improve your technique, deepen your understanding of lead and follow and to polish your execution to the highest level you are capable of.

Group Classes -

A group class schedule can be found when you click on our schedule link. Group classes are a great way to gain exposure to dances not on your private lesson program, gain general knowledge about patterns and technique, train with other instructors in the studio and of course learn to dance with other students from Luna Ballroom.





Wedding Packages -

Contact Luna Ballroom for dance lessons for you and your fiance', father of the bride, mother/son, or bridal party.  Luna Ballroom can teach you basic steps of ballroom dancing or choreograph a special dance for your special day! Whatever you are looking for, we can make your special day memorable with a special dance!

Dance Parties -

Come to Luna Ballroom and have fun with us during our Dance Parties. These parties are for our students and will be held at our studio.  These parties are themed parties, costume parties, games, and all sorts of fun!  Practice what you have been learning in your Private Lessons and Group Lessons!!  


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